Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Ugaadi!

(pic courtesy my grand uncle Sanmama)

May there be much and many to cherish, may the bitter always come with the sweet and may you and your loved ones bloom with health and joy!


In love with my life said...

Happy Ugadi to that the ingredients for ugadi pachadi?

Gauri Gharpure said...

it's ugadi, gudi padwa and cheti chand all at once today.. I haven't got hold of neem leaves to start my year with, but this delicious pic almost makes for it.. wishes to you too..

Altoid said...

Happy Ugadi N's mom!

Sujatha said...

Happy Ugadi to you too! Have a fantabulous year!

momstir said...

Happy Ugadi to the Nino family. Thanks for the festive picture.

Solilo said...

Happy Ugadi!

That Raw Mango looks so tempting.

Tharini said...

That was a beautiful wish and beautiful picture. Thank you for radiating all this energy..

choxbox said...

to you too.

Swati said...

Thanks and best wishes for you too!

That is a great picture, really 'fresh' looking. My compliments to your grand-uncle.

I am thinking that perhaps you could do a little post about Ugaadi? Or only a comment please? I hadn't heard the term before, even though I thought I could recognize all major festivals. I can google of course, but would love to hear from you.

Nino's Mum said...

InLoveWithMyLife - to you too. yes... looks utterly tempting no?
Happy gudi padwa to you!

Gauri - I know! We got our hands of plenty of them, and drank the juice and chomped on the flowers in show of bravado while grimacing in private!

Altoid - Thanks!

Suj - Thank you so much! hope you had a great time!

Momstir - thanx babe, big hug.

Soilo - :) yum yum, is all I can say. Thanks!

T - A bit of you is rubbing off on me, honest. I need to write on this soon.

choxbox - yay! how was your day? How did n3 and n4 take to the neem leaves/flowers?

Swati - damn I typed like 200 hundred words in reply - will just mail it to you. hugs.