Thursday, March 12, 2009

Footloose Fridays - II... advance, and you can track the original perpetrator here.


For those of us stuck in a marital/relationship rut, here's a revolutionary product that promises to offer renewed 'security, commitment and shelter.' There's just one hitch though, it's an airborne missile.

Israeli arms dealer Rafael, currently trying to sink in a few teeth in India's every expanding defense pie, has made a Bollywood-style video (complete with backless cholis, gyrating dancers with just a tad too much flesh, and a hero and a heroine promising each other the earth).

Don't miss this, because if the babus in India do get to see it, we'll be using Rafael in family planning soon. (Warning: you will fall off your chair, so dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dee, don't tell me I din't warn you. Oh and it's safe for office/kid viewing.)


choxbox said...

they pretty much got the gist of what bollywood is all about.

Sujatha said...

LOLLLL! This was fantabulous and totally cringe-worthy. At the same time!

Wish they'd make a video like this for the Palestinians!

Solilo said...

Dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga deeeeeeeee


Nino's Mum said...

choxbox - i know! I can't get over the cheesy green one-room location though :)

Suj - hahaha! now that's a good idea!

Solilo - :) so much like ringa, ringa no? Jai Ho slumdog.

Swati said...

What a find! I'm still smiling! Now, where is it, er, 'inspired' from? Some of those strains were familiar...