Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And God called the light day, and the darkness He called night

So what do you do on the first day of not being employed?

Well, I'd planned to go back to bed once Nino goes to school. But my body clock is still hard-wired to the mad rush to head to work once his car-pool departs. And so I sit here, at 9:00am in the morning, blogging :D

I hadn't told Nino I would be 'more available' to him. I told him last night that you know, I'd be around more. It started out with his favourite question, 'so what stories did you do today'... and I did not quite know how to sum up my last day at work - considering it had been emotionally exhausting. I've been working there for three years now... and when I took the rickshaw home last night, after a full-day of goodbyes and goodlucks and confidentiality agreements being signed, this was playing in my head. I'm many things we could argue about, but there's no denying I'm a good girl .... who's free falling.

Anyways, so when I said 'well I did not do any stories, just checked other people's work', he groaned and said 'you've been checking for days now'... That's when I said that I don't think I'll be writing any stories now. And he sat up in the dark and asked why. I did not want to literally say I gave up work... so I just said I'm cutting back and I'd enjoy being there in the afternoons instead of getting home in the evening.

He heard me out, quietly. Then he made sure. 'So you'll be there in the afternoon'? Yes, I said. 'Not evening'? Evenings too, I said. 'Working from home?' Hahaha... my smart kid. 'Maybe' I said. 'But mostly not. Gonna do things with you'. With me and Gitaben, he prods... 'Yes'.

And then, just as quickly came his 'Yahoooo' and 'Yippeee'. And a flurry of activities got planned, including a visit to a nearby garden that he loves. Show me the way, I said. Then maybe you can show me what you guys (Nino and Gitaben) play in the afternoon... and then we could paint that board we've been meaning to, stick those wooden cars.... And the list went on.

Goodnight Nino, I said, finally prodding him to go to bed. But I can't sleep mum, he said. I've to 'teach' you so much...


ChoxBox said...

am sure you didn't think i'd get teary after reading this..
*note: get head checked*

Anonymous said...

Nino got me all teary in the eyes and all smiles on the lips :)

All the best Nino's Mom

*I guess delurking for the first time, not sure though*


Anonymous said...

so sweet... hugs to Nino and Nino's Mum

Solilo said...

Hugs to you guys. Love your header.

sher khan said...

Guess his last comment made the entire hard task of leaving a job seem worthwhile :-)

Njoi NJoi and Njoi :-)

Ma Ananda Atmapreeta said...

darling, start writing a novel. I wrote mine when I was jobless. And it changed my life.

Poppins said...

I got teary eyed too :) Enjoy learning from your son!

SBora said...

awww..this was so precious..enjoy your time with the smart Nino...he will be a great teacher.
BTW, Tom Petty, love the song. The Traveling Wilbury's is one of my favorite bands.

nitya said...

*Hugs* I feel like quoting the entire book of 'Oh, the places you will go' (Cat in the Hat series)....
Its a new adventure, NM. Good luck and happy learning!

MiM said...

high-five (to nino)

Sands said...

awwww. So much to learn. Get started NM and enjoy the education and do share the knowledge with us :)

dipali said...

Enjoy this wonderful new phase of your life with Nino.

Nino's Mum said...

Chox - :D I think your head is fine.

theblueaquarian - welcome here. and thankyou.

Preeti/Solilo - thanks for the hugs!

Sher Khan - :) it sure did. thanks.

Atmapreeta - good idea. short story maybe thought. can't spread my talent too thin over 200 pages!

Poppins - thank you :)

SBora - thankyou! haven't heard that band. will check them out... thanks for the recco!

Nitya - hahaha! I reached for that very book today - and like you said, more for myself rather than Nino. thanks babe, tiggght hug.

MinM - will tell Nino. *sulking that I din't get no high-five*

Sands - :) if not you guys, who else will give me such a patient ear?! hugs.

Dipali - Hope to. Love.

OrangeJammies said...

They do, bless their little hearts. My babies are my finest teachers. Learn your lessons well. :0)

SBora said...

Traveling Wilbury's disbanded quite a few years ago but it had some of the best musicians. along with Tom Petty, there was Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Goerge Harrison. they only played for two years but the music they created was just awesome.

have fun with Nino's glittery ornaments.

newmumontheblock said...

Hope you have lots of fun times ahead with your little teacher :)

sole said...

How cute NM. Hope you guys are having a good time together. Must be so satisfying. Here's to more good times :)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nino's mum, I loved it when Nino said 'Yahoo' and 'Yipee' :). Lots of creative things would come your way, I think... There's so much to learn along with kids, and there's so much fun to have!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hey Nino's mum! I loved it when Nino said 'Yahoo' and 'Yipee' :) I think lots of creative things and activities are going to come your way, thanks to Nino! And there's so much fun to be had :)Wish you loads of fun!

Best wishes,

Nino's Mum said...

OJ - :) will do.

SBora - awesome! so many geniuses together! can't wait to hear now.

Newmum - thankyou. Your handle reminds me of this boy band I was hooked on while growing up - NKOTB. :)

Sole/Anjali - thanyou so much girls, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time with the little master, Nino's mum!

*Delurking here*

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I think you'd excuse another teary reader here .... enjoy your precious time with Nino and make ever lasting memories you two.

Henri said...

Hmmmmm...su kau? But free falling is good. Essential. You will see yourself differently. You will see NinoBoy differently. All the best babemom.

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