Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When you have the time to stand and stare...

... You sleep in the afternoon, cuddled next to the warm body of your child, breathing in his hair in a calm sleep that usually evades you in the night as you race against time.

... You eat a lot :) Because at 4:00pm, there are just too many options in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

... You read a lot. Old stuff mostly. But I'm back to my 400+ pages in a few hours timing. Feels good. Feels like I'm 'back', somehow. And the genre doesn't matter. I did Potter's 7th book yesterday, for the nth time. And I still felt the same panic and thrill when he met old Voldy. The day before yesterday? The Other Side of Midnight. Today, I hope to conquer My Name is Red.

... You walk a lot. Errands. Evening walks. Nature trails. Feather hunts. Track the tailor/electrician/carpenter tags.

... You talk lesser. I'd so much to say and seek in the two-hours I got every evening when I got home from work - from everyone - and now I see and hear my answers in real-time: being present is an efficiency that makes me feel like I've a massive boulder off my shoulders.


Poppy said...

All in all sounds like bliss! I see our reading tastes are similar :)

ChoxBox said...

You wouldve convinced me to stand and stare were I not doing it already :)

Sands said...

live it and enjoy it is all I can say. Am envious:) But knowing me I would just waste my day when the kids are off at school given the same situation :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Sounds like you are re-connecting with yourself and having some fun in the process :) Enjoy this phase :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can see you are enjoying this new phase :)

sole said...

How fun..feels like you are back to leading a fun college gal life, doesn't it? Enjoy every minute NM, for as long as it lasts :)!

Jean said...

I think I have been here before... Nice to read you. I am a recent stay-at-home version myself, and the initial few months, my now-four-year-old would ask daily, "Are you going to office?" Now he has got used to my being at home, and yet once in a while that question would pop out.

I used to think I am going to have all these 24 hours to myself once I leave my job. But realised much later than for a stay-at-home Mom, the day is shorter than 24 ;)

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Life does become richer - once a job is not ruling you. Like the fact that you are feeling at ease about all the info you need about Nino and the household, and the reading, and the walks, the cooking and the :)

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

and the need to talk less... sorry forgot to complete the sentence earlier!

Best wishes,

Nino's Mum said...

Poppy - :) What're you reading now?

Chox - Standing and staring is a pretty addictive state, actually :)

Sands - waste is a matter of perspective: which is one of these days I'm posting an angsty one just to equal it all out!

CA - truth be told, like you mention, this phase is as much about re-connecting with myself. thankyou :)

Preeti/Sole - New pinch to me! and all new things 'pinch' as well!

Jean - :) thank you and welcome here again! Nino's favourite question to me used to be 'what stories did you do at work' and now he's changed to 'so what all did we do today' without skipping a beat! a lesson in accepting change from my not-even-four-year-old is a humbling feeling.

Anjali - thankyou sweetheart. The 'easing off' has been so rejuvenating.

ChoxBox said...

Thats an awesome pic in the header!

dipali said...

I am so glad, dear, that the boulder is off:) Enjoy your precious life, and that of your family.

mim said...

awesome header.
(am sure i could recognise you in a crowd)

Tharini said...

You don't know how good it is to know that a person who deserves exactly something from the universe, after feeling the full weight of it on her shoulders for God knows how long, gets exactly that and in such full measure! COngrats NM! To say that I am happy for you, just doesn't cut it.

Your header picture is the most apt, most figurative picture of your award from the universe! :) Enjoy it, and live it up and mayb its novelty never wear off!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful header!

Best wishes,

nitya said...

Naice header. very naice. :))

Nino's Mum said...

chox/mim/anjali - thankyou! Just goes to show I'm willing to believe all the nice things you say about how I look ;)

dipali - :) thankyou, dear friend.

T - :) first time I actually had specifics that I wanted the lord to work on, instead of abstract ideals. Guess He works well with directions too. Love you.

Nitya - thankoo! and please, keep rolling your R's! Hope you've taped Arjun speak before the rolling happened - that lilt is priceless :)

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newmumontheblock said...

Hey there, haven't dropped by in a while but here I am again :) Hope the blissful days are still on, you sure sound like you're having fun. What're you reading now? From the books you mentioned in this post, we seem to have a lot in common