Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did-too list

The past tense to my to-do list for the month.

1) Watch-ed lots of movies.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button (super). 3 Idiots (all over again). Inception (crazy. intriguing. tad over rated). Salt (from the first row at that, the crink in the neck was worth the second half though). The Last Airbender (need to have a chat with m night shyamalan, and rap his knuckles). I Hate Luv Storys (the first time I saw Sonam Kapoor on screen. Pwetty girl. Pwettier Imran Khan). Kung Fu Panda (love it every time). A dozen more, maybe. Also, every single James Bond movie ever made.... seriously. (courtesy the Bond film festival on Star-Movies every night at 11:00pm. With Nino's Dad, this construes part of our couple time. He's a Bond addict, and our arguments are largely Roger Moore versus Daniel Craig versus Sean Connery.

2) Raise-ed a big family
I'm mothering three boys right now. 13, 8 and 4. Over the weekends, I play mother to an adorable five year old girl too. The first two boys are not mine, and neither is the weekend angel :) The two sisters-in-law and a bunch of cousins are tripping over Leh like perfectly post-card Gujju tourists (khakhra and snack boxes and bottomless shopping prowess!). So we're holding the home fort. Between the questions, and the pillow fights, two school car-pools and the trips to the doc for a patch-up or a stitch-up, it's been entertaining :D

3) Play-ed tennis with Nino.
Not the game. The to and fro of the ball. First he gets viral fever. Then I get migraine. Then he opts for ear infection. And I choose dysentery. Then it's his turn for a bad cough and cold. Then mine for tonsillitis. Now he's at laryngitis. And I'm waiting for my turn.

4) Start-ed working again.
Freelancing from home. Translates into crazy hours and alarmingly little money. But also means a little sanity, and 'private space' where Nino can't scream at me!

5) Post-ed on the blog again.
Did-too, din't I? :)


Nitya said...

Gasp at number of kids in the house.
Hugs to Nino - hope he is back to wellness soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds quite a handful! Hope you take care of your health, and Nino's.

Best wishes,

dipali said...

That sounds like quite a month. I hope you and Nino are both well now, and stay well, as do all the other assorted young ones:)

Anonymous said...

so all iz well. good. cheers bunty

Girlonthebridge said...

You are on a roll and I love it :) For a second there, I halted that your Gujjus relatives bottomless shopping....and had a laugh at their expense. hehehhe, i'm in a silly mood.

Sands said...

What a lovely list except for the sickness part. Hope the two of you are back on the road to good health :)

Henri said...

I am so glad that you're blogging again! I love your blog and love how well you write. Never stop! ok?