Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You know you're raising a foodie when...

... Nino, dressed as a little brahmin, invited to a shradh feast at a relative's place, gingerly picks up a nice, ghee-dripping malpua and says, 'Can I have a regular puri, please?'

... your three-and-a-half-year-old takes a spoonful of the salad that mumma made, then runs to the table to add a dash of salt and a big squeeze of lemon to his bowl, and tucks in, wordlessly.

... your son's favourite toy is a cardboard kitchen with mud-utensils and lots and lots of Ikea ladles and stirring spoons.

... the first word your son wants to learn to write is sss-ooo-ppp.

... he can tell you that you made doodhi three days back, and that only bhindi is welcome twice a week.

... Doctor J, who's trying to keep Nino occupied while trying to find the softest part of his bum to jab, asks him what he wants to be when he grows up. I hate that question, but I think Nino is likely to say Superman. He doesn't even take a minute and says Mongilal.
Mongilal is the name of our maharaj.


Anonymous said...

Really funny! Your little one has his priorities set right :)

Best wishes,

Grasshopper said...

Thank God my brat is not the only one so obsessed with his lunch box.
He is very affectionate with me the day he is happy with the food, otherwise he is grumpy.

Have been reading your previous posts, too, Nino's Mum. Was too touched to respond to some of them.

Much Love,

Sujatha said...

LOL! When food is not a problem, moms are lucky.

Kinjal D said...


Ra said...

Hilarious! I haven't met a single Gujju who isn't a foodie, by the way, even if they have 101 dietary restrictions.

Gauri Gharpure said...

lovely post.. :)

a 2-year-old i know loves watching cookery shows!!

and there's a typo in the title..

Anonymous said...

ooh my Nino is one too! Very clear on what and how he likes his food! The kids have old-fashioned rules here, so pickiness with eating allowed - you eat what is made that day, but yes, very clear on stuff he likes and how.

Loves watching the food channel, and asked for cooking lessons (at home, from mom/grandma) as soon he turned 8 (figured that was a safe age to deal with the gas stove).

Me, I'm just hoping for competent cooks - so I can give up the job!


nitya said...

What's with the jab? He is well, I hope!

Sands said...

or how about when you are trying your level best to gross him out of eating meat by showing him how ugly the process of cooking a prawn is and he responds "it all tastes good when cooked amma." That's yet another indication :) But it does help to have them there than be fussy eaters!!

Nino's Mum said...

Anjali - oh yes he does :)

Manju - hugs back. I've missed you, dear friend.

Suj - :) truly. *rapping on wood right now*

Ra - it's true, isn't it? This entire community lives to eat.

Gauri - thanks for pointing out the typo :) I'm going to try cookery shows with Nino now... guess I'll have to watch them too then, huh ;)

M - awesome! that makes two of us!

Nitya - All routine. We've some more lab work coming up this week, fingers crossed.

Sands - hahahaha :)
I posted comments like thrice today on your blog, but wordpress just kept rejecting me - about Meg being flat-footed and then your elbow - because Nino is flat-footed and I want to know more and because elbows are bum areas to hurt, I've seen it with my mum, so hugs to that nook in your arm.

dipali said...

Such fun!

choxbox said...

gujju genes!

and give a big slurpy kissie to the lil chap for me, will ya please?!

Henri said...

HA HA HA HA HA, no wonder Mongilal just doesn't want to be around when Ro's around :D Can't wait for him to grow up and dish out the most amazing stuff, like ever...hint hint Nino's dad!