Monday, May 4, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks

First, apologies. I haven't been away, just in a place within myself where I'm observing my own life as a spectator, part amazed, part amused, partly soaked in hindsight wisdom.

It started last month, when I turned 28. I've never been a happy b'day person, and I generally use the days and the lead up days to the d-day to maul over my spiritual and emotional achievements (lack of them, mostly) in the year. It irritates the husband to no end, and I must admit it can be quite masochistic. This year, something changed. Maybe the butterfly finally bloomed free of the tightly wrapped cocoon. This year, I was at peace. With myself. With the fact that it was a Monday, that meant I spent the evening alone with Nino, Nino's Dad busy at work. I won't say I'm content with who I am, but I will say, I've realised I'm walking down the right path, and someday, I will get to that answer. I don't know what sparked this new me, but I do know all of you had a role to play. Really. And I knew you'd be here when I get back. Hugs girls.

Now, for the tag.

This is a tag from VJ, Chox, Tharini and Momstir. It originated at HBM's who is hoping to connect blogging Mothers all over the world in 80 clicks.

Here are the rules: Just write a post of your own (5 things that you love about being a mom) and find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country - and link back here and leave a comment.

5 Things I love about being Nino's Mum:

1) I get to play creator here, for real.
I've never experienced such an utter and unquestioning power to actually 'make' a person as I seem fit. True, there is nature to contend with, but there's so much shaping left to me, with all my limitations, that even as I add and chip away, marvel at my child's growing body and soul, it's a heady feeling, one that is inspiring, humbling and absolutely irreplaceable. Before you think I'm a power-hungry freak, I've a few good reasons coming up! This absolute power had made me a better human being, one who admits her own limitations, one who thinks twice about passing on a conditioning, a blinkered view.

2) A fresh set of senses.
Know that phrase, seeing through a new set of eyes? For me, being a mum has been exactly like that. I look/feel/hear/touch/experience everything anew, seeing it through mine, my past's and Nino's eyes, all in one go.

3) A heightened quest for spirituality.
No, not god-fearing. (Although you guys would crack up silly if you saw me driving, because I chant every know hymn, sloka, mantra from every religion I know. And I chant it loudly. Somedays Nino can be heard chanting it too, as he aligns his train tracks for a 'really big accident, mumma!') Let's just say my quest for spirituality, that has so far been more Signs and Contact kind, is as much looking inwards these days. It's something I read at Tharini's a few week's back: about being blessed with the kind of child you were intended to raise. Someone who'd push you, make you discover new areas of yourself, stock up on those nice virtues you'd previously given a miss (aka patience). Something like that.

4) I'm the cool one.
I'm looked up to, I make the best dough ornaments, I make good orca drawings that make up for my 'rubbish' robots, I may sing off-key, but I'm still better than Uncle Raffi. I cook well sometimes too :) Plus, ever since Nino discovered that Superman moonlighted as a journalist, I couldn't get any cooler.

5) I've re-learnt how to make friends.
I wouldn't be here if I hadn't happened to become Nino's mum, right?!


Most of you have already been tagged with this, so I'm going to look around for five mommy bloggers to tag. In the mean, I tag

Jo in Japan
Laura in the US


OrangeJammies said...

Happy happy birthday, hon! A huuuuge hug and lots of prayers.
Gift yourself some kindness. You're absolutely splendid.

Anonymous said...

hey! happy birthday to you! *hugs*
and so good to see you back.
So cute of Nino on the superman piece :)

Suma said...

wishing you a hap, hap happy birthday! :)

and loved reading this...

Grasshopper said...

Happy Birthday darling, and a kiss to Nino.

nitya said...

Happy Birthday! A big hi to Nino.

In love with my life said...

There you are..finally. Happy birthday..lots of hugs!.

Loved your tag..esp the 'creator' part of it. Never really thought about it that way. Now that you've mentioned it..lemme go and find that boy of mine...

Sujatha said...

Yay! Happy birthday to you! Just so lovely to read everything from your note at the beginning to the response to the tag. And happy to be along for the journey.


choxbox said...

ah good to have you back!

belated happy birthday girl. nice take too.

VJ said...

Belated Birthday wishes NM.
Good to have you back.
and it was goof to read your take on this tag.

Tharini said...

Did I really write that?? :)

Missed you NM. Thought about you many times, wondering what was going on. Intrigued by your words...and regretful that I could not wish you on time, for your birthday.

Happy Birthday love!

Nino's Mum said...

OJ - danka! a biggie of a hug back!

Preeti - thanks so much!

Suma - thanks and welcome here.

Grasshopper - ah, thank you. you'll have mail, soon.

Nitya - thankoo! big hi back to arjun.

InLove - :D ace the disappering act, din't I?! lol!

Suj - thank you and I missed you!

chox - hehehe! I think it was your chaste gujju reprimand that did it for me!

VJ - thank you girl, you'd listed everything I felt, I had to dig in somewhere!

Tharini - I thought of you very often too: more in a mail. hugs.

Solilo said...

Happy Birthday NM!

Loved reading the motherhood tag.

momstir said...

A very happy birthday, NM. Hope you ate lots of cake... the best part of a birthday I think.

Loved reading the tag. You were soo missed. Wishing you a zenful year ahead :))

Nino's Mum said...

Solilo - Thank you!

Momstir - you wished me the exact thing I asked for myself! hugs!

maidinmalaysia said...

missed ya much, nino's mum...

for a moment i thought that chikkoo milkshake offer didnt go down well:-)

glad you are back!
aren't ya?

Nino's Mum said...

MinM - hahaha! On the contrary, I almost wanted to take it up last month!