Friday, February 13, 2009

New pinch!

I love my new header - all thanks to Sujatha and Preeti :) You guys are the best, like totally. Thank you so much and big, big, big, giant hug.


Edited to add:

It has just occurred to me, and yes it is one of those days when light travels slower than sound, that there just might be other mums like me who're currently obsessing with the alphabet. Nino's trying to learn his abc's right now, and I've wanted to show him the alphabet in so many shapes and different ways and you know, cloud formations, that well, I'm almost dreaming of it.
That's also the reason for the new header, see?

That's why I loved the Spell with Flickr link. Photographs of letters based on the names you enter, with a database of millions of Flickr photos to choose from. Don't like how A looks? Click on it till you found one that feels just right.

The time I spent spelling the names out was a nice reminder to adolescence when I'd doodle names on a paper for hours :)

Links to the original photos with larger sizes are available and this means you can print them out/ frame them for some educational wall art - just what I'm planning to do for Nino as a get-well-soon gift (After about three illness-free days, we now have an ear infection). Although, I must add, I don't think this is legal for commercial purposes, that is selling this idea as a product. As long as it's between the baby and you, have fun!


Tharini said...

Congrats NM! This looks totally cool! I love it!

Uh oh! Ear infection? Simply hate those. Why can't kids just enjoy being kids without all these setbacks? There's enough of life to face later on! *sigh*

choxbox said...

nice! and hope nino gets OK soon.

OrangeJammies said...

Ouch! That explains the out-of-the-blue sympathetic earache I had at 6 this morning. Poor, poor baby. He's been having a really rough time. Giant hugs to the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hay Nino's mum, I hope his earache is gone. It must be the change of season. Children are vulnerable as their immunity is still building up. Take care of yourself.

I like the new header, quite funky and avante garde!

Warmly, Anjali

Sujatha said...

New pinch! That was a blast from the past! Hadn't heard it since like in high school! :)

The header looks really good. I loved the fonts. I'm glad it worked out. And I bet Nino will love his present. Hugs to the poor guy. Hope he feels better soon!

Nino's Mum said...

Tharini - thank you, and yes I thought of your Juno Swan post a lot when I wrote the post about the sisterhood of the travvelling word. The ear infection's much better, but it was painful :(

choxbox: thank you, he's getting much better.

OJ - oh you poor thing. it can be really bad, OJ, please do take your medication/drops. Someone I know ended up with Vertigo because of an untreated ear infection. big hug. and then one more.

Anjali - I know, he's been ill on and off now, and it's heartbreaking to see the normaly boisterous boy lying in bed.

Suj - It was one of my favourite phrases, and I still use it - a lot!

nitya said...

Shucks. Nino is having a bad time of it.... I hope this is the last of the illness cycle.... Hugs to the both of you....

Solilo said...

NM, The banner is nice.

Hugs to Nino.

Gauri Gharpure said...

nice header...
i have a nephew who had a biig problem learning his alphabets.. one day he gave up and said, "i will recite a to z, you pick and choose the letters"
had many ear infections as a child, very painful.. i wish Nino a speedy recovery.

OrangeJammies said...

Hon, I have vertigo already, so I'm all set. ;0)

Nino's Mum said...

Nitya - thanks babe, I hope so too, I'm almost giving in to my mum's demands for 'nazar uttaro'.

Solilo - thanks, hugs right back.

Gauri - I can imagine the little kid's frustration. Its taken up all my patience to not push Nino to learn his alphabets: he's the last one in school to pick them up!

OJ - Oh gosh. Vertigo's hereditary in the family: so we should be comparing spinning notes soon. sigh.

Swati said...

Cool banner. But don't sweat about the alphabet - they find the letters all on their own once they become familiar with the ABC books!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it :)
remember BFF ;)

momstir said...

Lovely header, NM