Friday, January 23, 2009

The age of wisdom - part two

I'm babysitting two kids - Nino and his elder cousin and role-model, Karanbhai - and we've played and read, and watched Tom and Jerry and there's still ages to go for bedtime, so we start to talk. We're talking of different places of worship, as in a temple, a church, a mosque, etc, since Nino recently visited a Church for the first time. And just like that, conversation takes a turn...

Karanbhai: I'm Jain, what are you?
Nino: Random muttering about the church and the baby Jesus he saw there.

Karanbhai, persisting: I'm Jain, and you are?
Nino is a bit flabbergasted. Eventually he says, I'm people.


Today when I pick him up from school, he's chattering excitedly about some Inden Fly. I don't get it, frankly I think it's a montessori method I haven't read up on, and the worry starts to set in.
In the car, the muttering continues.
On the top there is saffron. In the bottom green. Middle is Ashok Chakra. Inden Fly.

OMG, I want to scream, I din't realise he's talking about the Indian Flag. So we open up his bag and see the painting of the flag, just single strokes of the three colours on paper. Beautiful painting Nino, I tell him. Its not a painting, he says. Its called republic.


Brown Girls said...

Oh, hug hug hug for you and for Nino. We need more people like you and wonderful Nino and all will be right with this world.

Anonymous said...

awww! thats so cute Nino...I am people too. *hugs*

nitya said...

lol on the definition of republic!

Sujatha said...

It's a hoot how all these big, big concepts tumble out of those little, little brains. Please say hello to Nino from more people. :)

Anonymous said...

oh the sweetiepie. You are making me feel better about sons by and by :)
We'd all say we are people too but we sometimes act like animals and have stripped ourselves of that right ever so often.

Anonymous said...

I take that back. Animals are divine and Nino should get that puppy he's been asking for.

Swati said...

Hats off to you for bringing up Nino the way you are doing!

Solilo said...

Aaah! Inden Fly. Kids are so innocent and cute.

ra said...

We need more Nino wisdom in the world!

Anonymous said...

I loved his "I am people". Only if the rest of the population could get back to basics!

Best wishes,

momstir said...

So intelligent and innocent. And also so correct.

an extra big republic day hug.

Gauri Gharpure said...

super sweet and on an excellent learning curve. i particularly enjoy the awe and respect nino has for karanbhai..

Nino's Mum said...

BG - both of us are sending you a hug right back :)

Preeti - lol! Hope a semblence of balance has come back to your life - hugs.

nitya - My favourite bit too!

Sujatha - I know, very humbling process, this whole parenting deal.

girlonthebridge: lol! Will have to ship my m-i-l to you then: she says it's either her or the puppy!

Swati - *blush* no. Refuse to accept that, because I can do much better.

Solilo - True. That's the pucca Gujarati pronounciation btw.

Ra - :) That would be more curiosity than is considered polite and lollipops for all of life's problems.

Anjali - That's perhaps why wisdom and education are not really co-related.

momstir - Extra big hug back. Sending you kite-flying pix soon.

Gauri - Heaven help Karanbhai's mum if she decides to pull him up in front of Nino! It's so heartwarming to see his loyalty :)

OrangeJammies said...

One word: kidnappable.