Friday, July 25, 2008

Sexed down

Ok, so it's not rocket science that the number of children you have can be indirectly proportional to the amount of nocturnal activities you engage in with your spouse. The rule still applies to those of us with a single child, mind you.

Needless to say, we have fallen prey to the parenting-leads-to-celibacy phase. Most days I'm too tired to even feign a headache. And it's not like we don't, you know, try. It's just that Nino has great timing. It's a grouse that Nino's Dad's been nursing a while now, he's even tried telling me it's a great way to burn calories!

Then I came upon this article about a couple that got so fed up with not having sex, that they entered a 365-day pact - a little bit of mojo, everyday! The pact was a gift from the wife to the husband, and surprisingly, he was a little hesitant - performance pressure, maybe?! So they had sex on almost all nights of the year (yes, even they missed a few!), even through a bout of vertigo! They also make all kinds of suggestions to help you pep up your night-life. But while they 'enjoyed it' and ended up writing a book about the pact, they don't recommend the experience to any one.

So I thought I'd send the link to Nino's Dad, maybe to make him relieved that other people go through what we are going through as well. Then, I hit paydirt.

Gather five random people in the English speaking world. Then ask them to name their hottest celebrity couple. Four times out five, the answer is bound to be, Brangelina. Yes, yes, the scrumptious Brad Pitt and the sultry Angelina Jolie. Needless to say, Nino's Dad is included in this electorate. Brangelina's fight-and-then-have-makeup-sex philosophy in Mr and Mrs Smith, made 'Come to Mama' a bedroom-drama favourite.

And now, it seems, after six kids, someone's suggesting that they could be, hold your breath, sexed-down as well. 'Your parents are having better sex than these two,' she says. 'Even if they're dead.' The tag of the 'Hottest couple in the world' is rendered pretty much meaningless.

Looks like the parent trap sprung Venus and Adonis after all. Where's the hope for us mere mortals?

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