Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A prescription for reality

I'm a little bummed after the bomb attacks in Ahmedabad - and even as I file my stories on the whodunit, I can't help wonder why. I mean, ofcourse, I know the socio-religious-economic conditions that ferment such hate - but why? Why people who had no role to play? A fruit-vendor who barely makes a living selling expensive fruit that his children never get to eat - a woman buying a few apples: was she fasting, was it for her child, an aged parent at home? Why the hospitals? Why people who had the decency to stand up and do something - offer a helping hand, a pint of blood, a few words of courage?

Last night, Nino's Dad and I watched M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening - It's not a great movie - the critics were right and not racially motivated as some of the press in the US suggested - and it's solution to the way we lead our lives and affect our planet is no better than the terror strikes that happen. Who decided than man can be held responsible for perpetrating a crime and nature can't? And if everything is quid pro quo, as in nature is just paying us back in our own coin, who made nature the magnanimous divinity she is?

Anyways, so I was totally bummed, and then I saw this picture:
'A woman kisses her child as they make their way through the flooded village of Godadhar in Faridpur July 27, 2008. Several areas in north and northeastern Bangladesh remain inundated with floodwaters after the embankments of the rivers Jamuna and Padma collapsed due to heavy rainfall earlier this week.'
She's got no roof, no food, no money, but she's got love. And she's got the time to show it. Something we all need to learn.
pic courtsey: Reuters


the mad momma said...

this brought tears to my eyes... being a parent is such a levelling experience...

Nino's Mum said...

That's so true MM. Of all the things that I've received from being a mother, the ones I never expected were humility and the ability to forgive - myself and others.

Also, thanks for stopping by. Yours is the first comment, and I've just done a jig.