Saturday, January 15, 2011

A stack of pebbles

January 14
(Small Stone # 3)

He climbed across the parapet confidently, his agility belying his age. She followed, shy, hesitant, happy to out of the cold and lonely home, onto the open terrace, winds teasing her grey and thinning hair. Once more he will hoist the kite, tug and pull and shape it into soaring greatness; once more she will guide the thread spool, holding back and letting go, picking up and setting free, so he can touch the azure horizon.

January 13
(Small Stone # 2)

Frequently checking to see if there's a mail, tiny words of affection, a smile, a sigh, a feeling of being understood. Blogging again is a little bit like falling in love. No?


VJ said...

Welcome back !!!
Loved the second one... So very true !

Chica said...

You write very well...hope to see u continue :)

Aneela Z said...

oh yes and yeh ishq nahi asaan as you might have discovered!