Monday, August 16, 2010


And so it seems, that the stars HAVE conspired to make life tougher than it is.

My father, very nonchalantly, tells me I've a 'ghatak shani dasha'. And that is as heavyweight as it sounds. 'Since you will continue to remain ill, perhaps seriously so, till the middle of 2011, you might as well develop some grace about it,' he says, without even looking away from the steering wheel. No, there's no chanting that I can do, no offerings, no certain colour clothes that will keep me safe. And do I believe him? Considering that I'm ready to try anything to understand why my body is acting as if it hates me, I'm tempted to agree.

Sigh. I've signed up for a membership with the local Planet Health chain. Might as well save some money.


Unknown said...

sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha hona hoga, hoke rahega, sooch ke tu kya payega...njoi maadi

Anonymous said...

You better take care of yourself. See a doctor too.

I am hoping mid 2011 is here soon :)

Henri said...

Remind me to teach you a's an amazing affirmation if you want to be able to accept each moment as it is, or as your papa said, with grace ;) and lots of TLC to you babe. See u tom.

dipali said...

Awesome header!
How are you doing now, tattooed and all:)