Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wisdom and wit

What is stronger than a wall made of bricks and bound by cement and plaster?
A wall built of unheld conversations, bound by silences and regret. Impenetrable has a new definition.


Nino, Nino's Dad and Nino's Mum are in the rickety lift, late at night, returning from a party. Cut to sound of jingling beats, drums and voices in chorus, singing devotional songs. Nino's Mum to no one in particular, a rhetoric state of mind: Who's doing the jagran so late in the night? Nino, nonchalantly, in Gujarati: 'The flat where you will see a lot of chappals outside the door.'

Of all my endeavours and intents, raising a practical child was not on the list :)


dipali said...

Impenetrable sounds most uncomfortable.
Nio's logic is impeccable:)

Gauri Gharpure said...

hugs to Nino :)

Uttara said...

he is wonderful:)

Anonymous said...

sweet :)