Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grace is a matter of perception too, right?

Whatever happens in your life,
Is nothing but My wish.
So do sit back,
And do not question My will,
For I always take care of you at the end

This is my divine message for today. And although it feels good to read it on a day that has been trying and tiring and frustrating, I'm oscillating between thanking God for reading the sub-text to my trials, and raging about the fact that He is, more often than not, a high-handed feudal landlord. But as T would say, any conversation is good news, right?


Anonymous said...

Rumi said, "Whoever brought me here will have to take me home."

I hope that you would find his ways more and more friendlier :)

Love and hugs,

ChoxBox said...

1 hug delivered to N's Ma.

Sands said...

The key there is the last line. Hang in there Nino's mum. Hugs :)

Henri said...

You remember how I bitched about Roberto and my situation a few days back. I have been losing my temper, my confidence, all the very things that I have fought hard to get. And then we went to church yesterday. And I got a strange message from inside of me, "Trust me." And since then, though the situation hasn't changed, I am beginning to feel calmer. I trust that there is a larger perspective to what's happening than my willingess to see it and accept it.

Swati said...

One thought that helps me: if I am here, at this moment of my life, it is through my own choices and decisions, random though the circumstances have been. And so, there has to be a reason why I am here, why the trials and tribulations, for I am journeying through life to learn, to grow, am I not?

SBora said...

hey thank you for your wishes....i love the new header!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Go-vaah header :)

God bless:)

nitya said...

Gasp at the perfectly manicured hands.... :))
Mischief intended is what that smile says!

ChoxBox said...

lovely header!