Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Googled This Week Vol.1

You know how it is, that when you've said something really personal to a someone you're just getting to know, conversation and contact become painfully embarrassing... well something like that, so small talk to fill the shy gap...


1) Snail and slug care in India.
Mr Sneelock has me reading up on the uses of different kind of compost, why snails need their daily calcium dose too, and the wonders of that shell he carries on his back.

2) Put pockets.
What's the opposite of pick pockets? Apparently '20 former pickpockets in London have turned over a new leaf and are now trawling tourist sites slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets' - atleast the economic crisis brought about some good.

3) B12 deficiency.
Nino might have one: he's been very fatigued lately, and has the most perplexing nerve-cramps: I thought only pregnant women or middle-agers got them. His toes just tremor apart every time he has a bath: and he's up most nights with nerve pain in his calves. Apparently drinking RO water gives your a B12 deficiency. More digging needed.

4) Merritt Malloy
Her Epitaph reminds me of my grandmum. She passed away last August.

5) River cruises on the Bramhaputra.
Beautiful, untouched and incredible. Also, unaffordable at this point in time. Still, I looked and imagined all the conversations I'd have with Nino on the cruise boats, on seeing the one-horned rhino, on waking up to fresh fish on the deck. And the pictures I'd take.


The inspiration of the list comes from here.


Girlonthebridge said...

B12 deficiency is found mainly in vegetarians as there is almost not natural source of it in the plant kingdom. Being a die hard veggie I don't usually admit any shortcomings in my kind but just a thought for Nino. But don't eat Sneelock!

choxbox said...

:) @ put-pockets.
also, copied your idea.

Sands said...

river cruise on Brahmaputra - sounds awesome. Didn't know about RO and B12 defienciency. Will have to dig more. Looks like you've been having fun :)

Aneela Z said...

hmmm you could try 'river cruising' through the Sunderbans. I had used something run by the State Government last year and it was an interesting experience (interesting being the operative word)...the negatives: bus ride from Kolkata to the pier and back, the operators concentrate more on feeding you and less on the flora and fauna, the √°ntakshari' night they subject you to..but when you look back at it such good memories...i didnt have the luxury of time to search for other providers but Im sure you will find something which is less junta class..but even then Im sure Nino will enjoy it, its a big boat, you sleep on a bunk bed (or you might get the suite if you are fortunate enough not to be taking the trip the same time as your guide's cousin's son-in-law) you wake up to see the most amazing sunrise, you might not see the tiges but definitely the crocs. scroll down
for the pics (the river shots are all sunderban) and
for more pics

VJ said...

River cruise sounds awesome !!!

Nino's Mum said...

GonTB: That's what I've been told. Although Nino eats meat: in the sense that before we used to take him out to restaurants with us and he would eat with us, but he got a bad intestine bug last November, and the doc said not to eat meat outside. We can't make it at home -so it's just eggs for him now. And no, never Sneelock!

chox - I liked what you did with it!

Sands - thankyou :)

Aneela - heading to read it now. hugs.

VJ - It does: google it!

Swati said...

In case you need to hear it - its ok, its safe, and alright. [If this is anything near a correct interpretation of your first sentence, I will herewith promote myself as the all knowing deity!]

Anonymous said...

Hey Nino's mum, with or without the shyness, the post is good :). Enjoyed reading it.

best wishes,

Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth said...

very interesting about Put Pockets!

so glad you were inspired! I may end up doing a meme with a "mr. Linky" if you want to include yours! check back on saturday!

thanks so much for linking back to my blog!

ra said...

I have no sympath for snails. None at all.

Nino's Mum said...

Swati - you've been enshrined :)

Anjali - thankyou! how is work?

Michelle - c u!

Ra - :) I know. They savaged your garden. My mum would agree with you.

dipali said...

Have you given him supplements?
I hope he's better now.

Nino's Mum said...

Dipali - he has his good days (with nerve cramps) and bad ones. Supplements tend to either give him the runs or make him constipated, so we're still trying to find one that suits him.