Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The first time...

There's a whole popular philosophy dedicated to firsts: crush, kiss, love-making, gift, period, Rushdie novel (yes.), sneaky night-halt, anniversary, pregnancy, karaoke night, kid, house, surgery, and the likes. We carry them along, around and within, their memories stamped into the very heart of our souls, little junk treasures that jostle and jumble and make life so much more kaleidoscopic.

There's also the first time someone commented on your blog - someone you din't know and din't have to badger/emotionally blackmail into doing it, the first time someone added your blog and therefore your expressions to a I-turn-to-often-companionship tag called the 'blogroll'. And then there's your first blog award!

Thank you, OJ, for this. I wish I was accepting it in a low-cut slinky gown to go with an acceptance speech, but I'm writing this in a fugly cotton skirt and tee, stained with dough from making a gazillion salt-dough christmas trees for Nino's budday party invites. You're part of my list of firsts - so you know you're imprinted in my soul, forever.

And there's one green dough christmas tree fridge-magnet, painted painstakingly in parts by not-yet-three fingers, glitter-glued and glossed with love, waiting for you. Just imagine, if you were to meet Nino, the gujju kid would call you OJ Kaki! LOL :)


I'm required to pass this act of kindness to ten other bloggers, and I have a mighty list ready to put up, just need to get the damn colour/glue off my fingers! Coming up soon.

Edited to add:

The award for the coolest blog goes to:

1) Swati, for the boundless generosity that makes up her blog, dedicated to bringing the best of the world wide web, especially for children. And just when you're gorging with kid on the fun links (some of them are fasinating even for us guys), she surprises you with soulful writing that smells like home in warm winter afternoons.

2) Momstir, for making me fall in love with a new kind of music, even though I'm at that age when the comfort of the familiar is more welcome than the exotic. And because she is part of my firsts too.

3) Gauri, for her random acts of kindness. May her like grow multi-fold.

4) Preeti, because of her first post. Me too!

Congratulations all of you, you've enriched my life with your thoughts and words. Big hug.
Please say a 'yay' for all these lovely ladies: I know there are six bloggers still remaining - but I hope to add to this list soon!


OrangeJammies said...

Not masi? :0) Actually, I'll take kaki...or whatever I get!
Thank you thank you thank you for the tree! Please keep it safe for me until I materialize in person.
Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Nino's Mum said...

OJ - Damn, yes, it'll have to be Masi! of course I'm keeping the tree. And I will see you in person.
Tight hugs back and lots of christmas cheer to the Boy and you.

mg said...

Congrats! You have another award on my blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nino's Mum,

I have come to your blog through MG's, and I wonder why I didn't find your blog earlier.

I relate with your posts, you seem a spontaneous person, quite like your writings.

I am Anjali from Hyderabad, and it's great to read your blog.

Best wishes,

Nino's Mum said...

Anjali - thanks so much! Hope to see you around. Merry Christams!

Gauri Gharpure said...

thanks a lot Aditi... :)

Swati said...

Hey, thats my first award! Thank you! Kind of busy with lots of traveling, but will get back on track next year :) Warm wishes to you for today and the new year!

Nino's Mum said...

gauri - my pleasure!

swati - and it comes truly deserved! merry christmas and happy holidays to you as well!

momstir said...

Thanks, NM.

for my first award
for a warm feeling
for making a thirty sthg year old almost choke with glee for Santa's this gift.
for being so much fun.

Happy Holidays:))

Anonymous said...

Hi NM, Thank you for the award. Its my first and I am floating in the air! :).
Just back from Shimla, been busy and packed. But back in time to wish nino! So many posts lying in draft right now!

Nino's Mum said...

Momstir - big tight hug, happy holidays to you too!

Preeti - aha, and I've been reading up on the fun you've been having!

Swati said...

Hi, thanks again, and this time I have finally put up a post - http://hellonetbaby.blogspot.com/2009/01/online-games-young-children.html. Goes pretty well with my colour scheme, don't you think so?

Nino's Mum said...

Swati - thank you. Your post caps a year in which I've cried over friends seperated by distance and time, only to discover new friends over distance and time. I've never felt more honoured.